Our Story

From ancient times in history, gifts were always the best way to express someone’s feelings.

Gifts offered to say, “Thank you” or “I’m sorry”, to close a deal or to start a new relationship; There is always a gift to help you show gratitude and appreciation and even when you have nothing left to say or you can’t find the right words to say it, offer a gift and let it do the hard work for you.

However, it’s not only the one who receives a gift affected by this glorious act, believe it or not, in many cases giver’s experience is more intense and deeper. Giving something for free, without the expectation of return, frees your mind and brings a unique joy, letting your heart receive the warmth of people’s smiles. Just by looking at someone’s surprised eyes, while unwrapping their gift can give you this boost we all need to keep going.

We at Shore & More Gifts aim to help you on every step of getting something as precious as a gift and we’ll be glad to know that you experienced the joy of giving using one of our great gifts!

Please rest assured that our customer service is always here for anything you need and explore our unique range of numerous gifts.

And remember: “The manner of giving is worth more than the gift” 

– P. Corneille –