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In our unique range of Brass Nautical Gifts, you can find your perfect gift!

Also, you might be looking for a special piece of nautical history to decorate your office or for a brass anniversary gift for your other half. Likewise, no matter why you landed on this page, we are confident that you will find a high-quality brass nautical gift at a great price.

Brass Gifts for 21st Anniversary

Not sure what to get for your anniversary? We neither! However, we can suggest some of our best sellers for this occasion.

Old Brass Compass

First of all, an old brass compass can be a great symbolical gift for your loved one. Also, it can let them know that you are there for anything they need and if he/she is ever lost, just look at the compass that reminds your love and they will find the way.

Meanwhile, we have two compasses in our range, the large, elegant desk compass and the smaller brass compass.

Desk Compass

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Brass Compass


Brass Tankard

Similarly, another great brass anniversary gift is the brass tankard.

Firstly, this will definitely come handy as your other half will enjoy a drink from an authentic tankard of the old good times! Most importantly, pour your favourite drink and let it take you to an era when pirates ruled the sea and kings were in a constant battle with them. In the same vein, if you are 21 years with someone or you know someone who is, this is a perfect brass wedding anniversary. Therefore, select between our Mini Tankard or go all-in with a Set of 2 Mini Tankards in a beautiful wooden presentation box.

Mini Tankard


Set of 2 Mini Tankards


Brass Gifts

Furthermore, brass gifts are a fabulous gift for other occasions because, they are elegant, sophisticated and you don’t need to break the bank to get them.

In addition, we source our brass gifts from trusted suppliers and we are proud of their quality and their details. Moreover, you may find similar items elsewhere online, but nothing can match our customer service and speedy delivery. On the other hand, as of our prices, we believe they are unbeatable, but, in case you find the same item less expensive elsewhere, let us know and we match it plus a 10% discount.

While brass is the most important, many of our gifts come in fabulous wooden presentation boxes too. Hence, you can use them for future storage too.

Additionally, please note that for items like brass clocks, the batteries are not included.

Also, let us know if you arrange an event as we can offer you much better prices for large quantities. Finally, give us a ring today on 01202 203020 to get a personalised quote.

How to Polish Brass

In conclusion, apparently all genuine brass oxidates when comes into contact with the air. This will alter its colour and shininess. Still, all you need to do is polish them and they are back in shape again, as new!

Likewise, if you prefer sustainable, natural cleaners, get some lemon juice, mix it with a teaspoon of baking soda and apply with a soft cloth. Then rinse and make sure you dry well. All done! You may want to find more information here.


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