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Port Lamp

Nautical Lighting

With the popularity of our Port and Starboard Lamps growing, we decided to add a couple of more nautical lamps in our collection. Also, they now have their own category.

The Nautical Lamps category is here, with four different designs to choose from. Our port and starboard lanterns are great home decor for sea-loving homeowners, nautical-themed pubs or restaurants and seaside hotels. The same with our new oval and cylindrical nautical lanterns.

Port Lamp

This is a unique nautical lantern that along with the starboard lamp can create an amazing atmosphere. Also, please bear in mind that the tealight is not included. Furthermore, it is good to remind you that the port is red and the starboard is green!

The actual historic use of these lamps was to place a red light on the left side of a ship which we call port and a green light on the right side which we call starboard. Their size varies with the size of the boat. Likewise, smaller boats use smaller lights and large vessels use huge lights that you can actually crawl inside!

We strongly not recommend using our lamps on your boat though.

Our nautical lights are copper effect and you need to place a tealight, electric or not, at the bottom slot to make them glow!

Our new Nautical lamps are definitely a winner on nautical gifts and you can use them as nautical table lamps too. Ideal gift for sea enthusiasts, these well-made antique ship lights will brighten your house.

Additionally, for the nautical lamp, you don’t need any special maintenance or polishing like the brass. A cloth with some water or general cleaner will be sufficient.

Finally, they are great for nautical themed events, like weddings and meetings. Please contact us on 01202 203020 for special prices on large quantities.

Get your metal lantern today and liven up the atmosphere. An ideal gift for the marine enthusiast.


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